Penguin Farmer Game

May 22, 2011, apn Browser Games, 1,508 views, Tags: , ,
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Make your Penguin the best Farmer! Once you have your own garden, you should start taking care of it. You start growing some vegetables and after you water them, you will have your first harvest! Yeah, it is all yours and you can do whatever you like with it!
You have a bunch of funny looking penguins, very hard-working and really ambitious to defrost the ice at the Poles and grow their own beautiful gardens of fruit, vegetables and flowers. You can develop different kinds of plants and also have the opportunity to decorate your gardens with fountains, statues and other beautiful items. It is important to keep an eye on the trade and develop your gardens. That is why, players need to trade with other citizens at the Poles or trade directly with other players.
This is a funny economic game, as your decisions are important for your game play. You can start selling your fresh produce on the market, but you should have in mind that you cannot do that every day. By growing more crops, you start raising your level. Higher level means more types of fruit and vegetables in your garden. And many new features appear in the game regularly! Start the fun now!