【Kagamine Rin】Online Game Addict Chant【English and Romaji Sub】

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Original : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17638851 MP3 : http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm17638851 Translated by misaki Link to lyrics and romaji : http:…
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25 responses for 【Kagamine Rin】Online Game Addict Chant【English and Romaji Sub】

  1. King Mickey says:

    Story of song:
    Rin: Maybe if I pretend to be addicted to video games boys will finally
    like me!
    Rin:… BRILLIANT!

  2. Magdalena Quintero says:

    Oh Rin……..you nerd you……..

  3. Hibiya Amamiya says:

    0:55 she…cursed…?!…

  4. Pinkbear Lyman says:

    So question: is there a difference between Online Game Addict Chant and
    Online Game Addicts Sprechchor?

    I know the former has the dubstep part and the latter is the original, but
    is there any change in lyrics? Thanks.

  5. Hibiya Amamiya says:

    listening to this loud with Headphones x3

  6. L RyuugaHideki says:

    *headbangs intensely*

  7. Alli483 says:

    Lucky Star: Konata

  8. RandomnessTeacup says:

    Sora and Shiro approve. 

  9. momo chan says:

    Don’t you guys think that this song will be great if it was (no game no
    life) opening ???

  10. Polly Sage says:

    Someone should incorporate this line into this song
    “I am a hikikomori and I NEET help”

  11. King Mickey says:

    This Music:
    What would happen if Vocaloids + Dubstep 

  12. Brennan Gallamoza says:

    Ah, how painful it is to realize this is your life.
    Ah, but then again, when your tragic life is represented by an amazing song
    like this…
    Well, better get back to playing games

  13. DaisyOokamiChan says:

    I can relate so much to this honestly, its sad…
    I sit in my room watching anime and vocaloids all day(However im not a NEET
    because I still go to school of course). I think my family worries about me

  14. ArkticFoxuatU says:

    can someone explain to me what weeb is? what I’ve heard is that liking
    anime and vocaloid is somehow bad, so people who do like anime are called
    weebs? OwO’ I’m confused.

  15. Scarlett Acid says:

    Best song ever. Hands down.

  16. Aleesya Hamid says:

    Better than miku’s version.

  17. aki amano says:

    What kind of games do u guys play? Like runescape type battle games? Are
    those called MMO’s?
    Any Recommendations? 

  18. Shintaro Kisaragi says:

    Games are the way out of pain… I would still be in mine if not for

  19. Truna AQW says:

    *looks at title*


  20. ryry931 says:

    love it! want to listen to it in 720p 1080p n.n

  21. Marshall Glass says:

    i love how this is the one song internet spammers don’t dislike

  22. Konata Izumi says:

    Rin your just like me

  23. SeeUvocaloid2012 says:

    I love this song, i should really try and make a cover of it

  24. hartage4 says:

    lol I love the dubstep in this

  25. Miku- Chan says:

    【Kagamine Rin】Online Game Addict Chant【English and Romaji Sub】