96neko – Online game addicts sprechchor

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From NicoNicoDouga. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15264555 MP3 download link http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm15264555 「MP3 を 抽出」←click Title:ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒ…
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25 responses for 96neko – Online game addicts sprechchor

  1. Alfa Q says:

    How do people not understand 96neko is a girl. She sounds like a fucking
    chick for fucks sake. Use your damn ears people. 

  2. Ashlynn Flagg says:

    +Stacy S. 96Neko is a real person and SHE is actually a girl. You can check
    that if you want to but her avatar for the Nico Nico Douga stuff is a boy.
    She is trap singer so she can sound like a girl or boy if she wants. And
    since SHE is A REAL HUMAN BEING calling her an IT isn’t really helping your
    case. And seriously not letting anyone reply to you damn comment is a real
    pussy move. Your just afraid of being argued with because you believe that
    you are right. Pull your head out of your ass and learn how to classify
    people because you obviously don’t know what the fuck you are doing. 

  3. Yamsassi says:

    you can’t call 96neko a boy after listening to her godly cover of alluring
    secret ~black vow~
    It’s just not possible.

  4. Richard M says:

    @ Stacy S.
    lol… “creator”?
    96 neko is a real person… -_-
    and calling 96neko an”it”
    I can’t even…
    The thing is, it’s not an opinion. It’s a fact on what someone’s gender is.
    It’d be rude to call someone a boy just cause they’re not girly. So it is
    And really, not letting anyone reply to your comment -.-

  5. Aventura LPS Gamer says:

    +cookiecreeper girl +OtakaGirl BR 

  6. Serinity750 says:

    Even though I think people are entitled to their own opinions, I have to
    disagree with you there. I think Rin sang this song 9x better than her.
    That is also MY opinion! No one can take that from me!

  7. Stacy S. says:

    Before you guys want to keep arguing me out and I will state this in a
    comment and not through a reply to someones comment. I did not say anything
    about the SINGER. Yes the singer is a girl but I will see through my eyes
    that the CHARACHTER is a boy. The charchter is a animation and drawing that
    someone created. Its not a crime to have my own perspective. I AM HUMAN.
    Though, I also want to state that there are females who voice act guy
    charachters in animes. So let me ask you this, just becuase the singer or
    voice actor is a girl, does it mean that the anime charachter HAS to be a
    girl?! Thank you, I hope all of you enjoy your Tahnksgiving. :)

  8. xXLazysoftwareXx says:

    So nice to finally hear a woman with a more mature voice in contrast to
    those squeaky screeches..

  9. Rae Fox says:

    A first I thought it was a boy but if u listen carefully I think she’s
    definitely a girl

  10. silver exe says:

    41 DISLIKES!? you gotta be kidding me, i will murder the people who gave
    this video 35 dislikes

  11. Black FairyTale says:

    Omaii 96Neko Sounds like a girl To be true
    love the pic<3

  12. VidaOfMars says:

    I honestly don’t see how 96Neko’s own personal gender is relevant to their
    singing or covers??
    Or at all??

  13. alisria says:

    I have the biggest crush on Neko… I’m also extremely envious of her

  14. kAichi Onii-san says:

    Yeah! Kuroneko flipping the bird!!

  15. Roda Rora says:

    Wow some people are being really sexist here holy shit.

    Stop stereotyping girls as having high voices – it’s really disrespectful.
    No one cares if you ‘think’ she should be a guy; it’s very rude to say
    that. So keep your mouth shut about that and just enjoy her singing.

  16. Stacy S. says:

    I dont care what you say. In my eyes I will see this charachter as a boy
    just because I can. Not being sexist. It’s just my opinion. So get over it.
    I, in my opinion, just prefer the charachter as a guy. The singer is a girl
    but I will see this charachter as a guy. So, I will see through my
    perspective as it being a guy. I dont care what the creators say,singer
    says, or what you say. That doesnt force me to change my opinion. Im fine
    if you think this charachter is a girl. Good for you. Im not go just going
    to waste my time arguing over BULLSH*T. Now have a good day.

  17. Ichiro Sanいちろさん says:

    Neko96 is a trap singer xD! But you got to admit she’s amazing 

  18. kayleigh pithie says:

    the voice kinda reminds me of haruka /sailor Uranus from sailor moon for
    some reason 

  19. Miint Wichi says:

    stop being so handsome mouu

  20. Edward Joel says:

    K guys, 96neko is a girl. “Where are her boobs?” Girls can be flat-chested
    “Why is her voice so low? Plenty of females have deep voices, and a lot
    have the capability of hitting low notes Keep in mind a lot of Japanese
    voice actors that voice male characters are FEMALES that are capable of
    lowering their voices.

  21. MysteriousMaskYouTuber says:

    The middle finger tho

  22. Tiicci Tastic says:

    96nekoisaboyandnoonecanmakemechangemymind. WARNING: WILL NOT REPLY TO YOUR

  23. Sarah McConnaughey says:

    Great song! Does anyone know where I can find the picture used in the

  24. Abhigyan Hazarika says:

    What is 96Neko Exactly?? Is he a vocaloid??

  25. bella im a doughnut says:

    <3 I love her <3