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Bravo Pua | Cracking the Code to Online Game | Full Length HD

February 2, 2015, On Line Games, online games, 3,128 views, Tags: , , , , , ,
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25 responses for Bravo Pua | Cracking the Code to Online Game | Full Length HD

  1. Logan Braveheart says:

    wtf is wrong with the camera man 

  2. Andrew Taylor says:

    What site was it that he said at the end it was mma something I think. Any

  3. Moses C. says:

    I would have someone write me a bot to message all these bitches.

  4. dick butkiss says:

    Pof is bullshit, i did 2 profiles, one pix of me, one pix of a shirtless
    “hot dude” same profile, same messages. the hot guy got all the responses.
    regular me got shit.
    conclusion: only your pics matter.

  5. MrKChris1 says:

    The person who wrote the subtitles does not have a clue about English

  6. Taylor Harper says:

    I use to do strictly online game cause I was a bitch in person, saw this
    video a little over a year ago. Deactivated my facebook and strictly
    focused on cold approach. I live in wyoming, so very few cute girls and pof
    is dead here (moving to nyc in 3 months). Just reactivated my facebook and
    used a lot of the stuff from this video, I’m getting way better results.
    Not necessarily because of the tips in this video, but because I have
    pictures that stand out and I look way more confident than I use too. Girls
    have been adding me. So if your stuck on online game, delete your profile
    and work your ass off on cold approaching. You WILL get rejected A LOT, but
    you start getting good fast if you do it a lot and your rejection rate will
    go down and you will gain so much more confidence. Then when you do get
    back online, talking to girls online is way easier. They can sense a guy
    who’s unconfident even through text.

  7. bob47brown says:

    It sounds like he says not fond of the LA club scene tired of being asked
    if I have any blow.឵ What’s the last word? 

  8. Ouf Replay [HD] says:

    Fuck the cameraman We can’t see half of the pictures he’s dumb

  9. Bauss says:

    hahahah online dating is horrible a lot of work for horrible girls

  10. howtoplanaparty says:

    What if I don’t want to cuss? If I say, “I am an offensive man” will that
    differ too much, because no bodily part is in it?

  11. All Total Coaching says:


  12. simplyalif says:

    did everything you said, didn’t work for me 🙁

  13. brett1234 says:

    i dont think i can do any of what he does but this ass hole approach is
    golden,.i just cant do it.

  14. TheJustbristol27 says:

    I started off good slept with some girls then the last two days ive had one
    ioi and didnt do anything about it my confidence has vanished 🙁 anyone got
    any advice?

  15. SergeantSweden says:

    This talk should be named “How to date dumb girls”.

  16. nobudy says:

    good advice, also entertaining to watch

  17. ukdirector85 says:

    This is amazing

  18. yuiyoshioka1 says:

    Horrible captioning!

  19. FieldArtillery07 says:

    Not true…

  20. The 21 Convention says:

    @TheHighwaytoHell Well, can’t download them legally without paying for them
    that is.

  21. TheMrBranford says:

    You sir are a topLad

  22. Super Saiyan Goku says:

    Hey hey hey hi hi hi….coffee? ^-^

  23. Yusuf1187 says:

    So girls were looking at his limo picture just because of the limo? I’ll
    admit it separates you out. Well then, I guess the lesson is to never
    underestimate how shallow girls are and you don’t be disappointed. Kinda
    wish I had more interesting pics of my life lol.

  24. Rj Jules says:

    lol “Hey, Hey, Hey, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi”

  25. Bravo PUA says:

    if you want- up to you google me